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Your smile will come back, without reddening. For protected skin, stronger and repaired.

The Action

This line is recommended for women with sensitive and intolerant skin. The cosmetic products of the Calm Perfection line perform a positive action on the skin restoring the skin’s barrier and reducing transitory and persistent reddening.
Biomimetic formulations that ‘imitate’ and work in symbiosis with the natural mechanisms of the skin’s biology, reproducing and reactivating them.
A complete and tested response on varying degrees of sensitive skin.
When your skin is protected, repaired and fortified its structural and functional integrity is restored.
Products without paraffins, alcohol, parabens, perfumes and artificial colourants.


"*Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on a panel of 25 women after the 1st DIBI MILANO CALM PERFECTION treatment, assessment after 30 minutes. Maximum obtained result.
** Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on a panel of 25 women 1 hour after applying Absolute Comfort Cream.
***Self-assessment tests conducted on a panel of 25 women after applying Absolute Comfort Cream."


reddening and reduced irritation**


report smooth and soft skin***


reported less "tight skin" feeling**

Products Line

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