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Filler-effect cosmetics


Each emotion leaves a sign: treat it well, with the filling and plumping line.

The Action

Your face speaks for you, it is your story, and DIBI MILANO knows that. That is why we have created FILLER CODE, a complete cosmetic treatment that fills and corrects all types of wrinkles. The true architect of your face and the precursor to enzymology.

For the first time at DIBI MILANO, two powerful active ingredients TS Enzyme Protect and Peptide No.5 come together in a synergetic combination: a strong alchemy between power and beauty, to turn back time.

Brand new multi-functional formulas treat all types of wrinkles locally: superficial, deep, from frowning and stress, working intensely on the three spatial dimensions of the wrinkle (depth, extension, width) and on time.

A cosmetic line that improves expressions respecting the shape and harmony of the face, in an authentic way.


"*Measurement of periocular wrinkle depth, on 20 volunteers undergoing a cycle of 5 professional DIBI MILANO FILLER CODE treatments + the use of selfcare products for 2 weeks. The result is taken from the onset with homogeneous data, obtained from a control panel made up of 318 women.
** Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO FILLER CODE complete treatment + selfcare products."


of wrinkles are filled, raised, less deep**.

in 70%

of women reduced wrinkles

Products Line

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