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Regenerating facial cosmetics


Achieve your dermo-biotic objective with the face regenerating, repairing and corrective line.

The Action

DIBI MILANO launches a new frontier in cosmetics: Dermobiotics, the secret of cellular longevity enclosed in the regeneration and repair mechanisms promoted by ‘skin-friendly’ bacterial flora.
The result? A new definition of beauty.

Procellular 365 is scientifically formulated for the re-generation and re-coding of the skin’s lattice.
A targeted solution for naturally fragile and sensitised skin, due to age, or as the result of aesthetic medicine treatments.


*Self-assessment tests conducted on the DIBI MILANO Procellular 365 complete treatment + use of selfcare products.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the complete treatment DIBI MILANO Procellular 365 + use of selfcare products.

For 100%

the ‘tight skin’ effect disappears**

For 100%

Nourished, compact and strong skin

Products Line

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