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eStyle features today’s most in-demand applications, bundled into a single extraordinary system. eStyle is clinically proven to get the best results for a broad range of skin types and hair colors.

• Skin Tightening

• Skin Rejuvenation

• Hair Removal

• Acne Treatment

  • eStyle multi-application platform, offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments in one compact system.

  • eStyle is upgradeable with four different applicators for a wide range of clinical indications. Expand your platform as your aesthetic business grows.

  • eStyle ReFirme Station (ST/SR) Combination Treatment provides a comprehensive solution for total facial skin rejuvenation.

  • eStyle features the new Motif HR Applicator with Motif™ mode for fast, virtually painless, effective hair removal. eStyle treatments are safer and more comfortable allowing clients to immediately return to their normal daily activities.

  • eStyle is powered by proprietary elōs™ technology combining bi-polar radio frequency with optical energy for ultimate safety and outstanding results.

A Safer, More Comfortable Solution eStyle features the revolutionary elōs technology delivering better results, with less overall energy than other systems. Treatments are safer, more comfortable – allowing clients to immediately return to their normal daily activities.

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening

The ReFirme ST applicator is intended for wrinkle treatment. Collagen and elastin depletion in the dermis result in the loss of dermal volume, creating laxity and sagging of the skin. The ReFirme ST procedure stimulates long term collagen synthesis as well as the tightening of existing collagen fibers, resulting in an immediate firmed appearance. The procedure uses a combination of gentle pulsed infrared light (wavelengths 700-2000nm) and bipolar radio frequency (RF) to provide deep dermal heating, up to 1-3mm in depth.

Skin Rejuvenation

The SR applicator is intended for treatment of benign vascular and pigmented lesions. The applicator is optimized to emit light in wavelengths easily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin. The targeted vascular or pigmented lesions absorb the light energy, raising the temperature of the target tissue. Then RF energy flows to the heated area and elevates the temperature to the level required for effective treatment and overall improved skin color.

NEW! Hair Removal

The Motif HR applicator achieves permanent hair reduction of pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin. Motif HR offers two modes of operation for treatment flexibility - The safe and effective normal HR Mode and the NEW high frequency, lower energy Motif Mode for virtually pain free treatments. The multiple pass Motif treatment allows for far shorter treatment times than competitive systems.

Acne Treatment

The Acne applicator is intended to reduce sebaceous gland activity and destroy active acne. The combined energies of elōs –natural photodynamic therapy (400-980-nm spectrum) simultaneously combined with RF – enables highly selective targeting of the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria.

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