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Reduce Your Acne Up To 56% the First Month

How can someone like me plagued with Acne/Pimple problems, achieve a Healthy-looking skin and regain confidence?

24 years of


We have the know-how you need.


Fresh De Beau has served over 3000 satisfied customers. Fresh De Beau offers Non-Invasive Skincare Treatments enhanced with FDA Approved Technology.

Introducing the 10 Steps Pampering Bespoke Facial for your Acne 

A relaxing facial treatment that is result driven

  1. Skin Analysis Technology

  2. Double Cleansing

  3. Skin Refiner Exfoliation Massage

  4. Bespoke Peel for Acne

  5. Extraction

  6. Bespoke Cocktail Serum for Acne

  7. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  8. Bespoke Premium Mask For Acne

  9. Hydration Protectant

  10. Sunscreen

Benefits? Endless
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What People Say


Initially i doubted fresh de beau as i thought they were just like any facial salons. But after my mother who is a regular customer of fresh de beau recommended them to me. I gave them a try. I trusted them and have never regretted. My pigmentation problems have lightened up just shortly after one treatment. It was well worth my money. And also services and explanations were top of the line. Not your typical facial salons;) go for it!


It was a great experience !I Simply love the personal touch, everyone is friendly,enviroment is relaxing make me feel comfortable like I'm in my own country in Japan.The facials are just amazing and my favourite one is thier Signature Facial.No hard sell, proactive and professional.Definitely come back for a visit to Fresh de beau with my family when I go to Singapore. Thank you so much!


After reading the positive reviews of Fresh De Beau i decided to give it a try. As i have really bad experienced with beauty salons in the past. I would like to say i have never regretted handing over my skin for their care to them since day 1. I have been working in Singapore for 6 years now and about 2 years ago i had a very bad breakout of acne and pimples after using the wrong product. It was a miracle to have met FDB.

  • What’s the difference between a pimple and acne?
    Some people get a pimple or two once in a while, while others get frequent breakouts with lots of pus-filled pimples. If the second sounds more like you, you may have acne – a chronic or long-term condition that affects many teens and adults.
  • Are the equipments safe and comfortable?
    Fresh De Beau uses non-invasive techniques which are safe, comfortable and clinically proven. Our equipments are medical-graded which are CE marked and FDA approved.
  • How many treatments will I need before I see results?
    At Fresh De Beau, we sell results and do not believe in wasting our customer's precious time. We would not want to keep your money if you do not see results that you want. Therefore, we guarantee that you will see results just after ONE treatment. However, 3-4 treatments will be advised to see an exponential growth in results.
  • What kind of atmosphere can I expect in Fresh De Beau?
    At Fresh De Beau you can expect a very cleanly designed outlet with our heartwarming team of specialist. We will walk you throught this treatment process hand in hand. We do not believe in hard-selling and expect everyone of our customers to have a fulfilling experience from start to end of the facial.
  • Are Peels and Extraction necessary for my skin?
    Fresh De Beau do understand that some customers might not be comfortable with peels/extraction. We are making it optional for you and results can still be seen:)
  • How will I know if this treatment is right for me?
    This facial is for both men and women. Fresh De Beau understands that not all skin problems are the same. That is why Fresh De Beau uses bespoke methods for your skin. Therefore we will give you a free of charge concise and accurate analysis consultation from our specialist. Payments will not be collected only until treatment is done.
10 Steps Bespoke Acne Facial At $78
worth $150, Time-Limited Promotion
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Clears up stubborn acne

Get your confidence back by having a crystal clear looking skin

Prevents future breakout

No more phobia of when is the next breakout is going be

Controls overactive oil glands

Say goodbye to shiny, oily skin that makes u self conscious

Lightens acne scars

No leaving of scars and lightening of old acne scars

Radiant, glowing & dewy

A radiant looking face gets compliments from everyone

Healthy & hydrated

Building you a healthier skin to last a lifetime & go make-up free

Anti-inflammatory & bacteria

Acne not treated properly can spread to other parts of the skin

Fast & effective

Stop wasting time looking for gimmicky pills or magical creams

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