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Cleansing milk is a soft daily cleanser that effectively removes all traces of makeup and impurities. It Is suitable for all skin types, especially for weak and hypersensitive skin. Particularly for those who may experience redness, irritations, itchiness, flakiness, or peeling. Perfect for skin that went through surgery treatment, harsh peeling, or laser treatment. Contains ceramide, similar to our skin’s natural moisture factor, that helps to retain skin’s moisture and build up the skin barrier. Consist of Vitamin E extract which helps to heal and repair the skin barrier. Improve, calm and soothe any skin irritation or redness. Leaving deeply moisturized without any tightening effect.


Directions for use:
Apply Cleansing Milk on the skin and gently massage in a circular movements. Then rinse off with water.


Featured Ingredients:
Bamboo Water , Vitamin E , Ceramide





Cleansing Milk

SKU: SO109
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