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Suitable for Oily skin
Ideally for acne prone and dehydrated skin


EPI Gel is an excellent gel filled with hydrolysed soy peptides to soothe skin irritation as well as repair damaged skin. Suitable for oily, dehydrated skin as well as congested young skin. It can hydrate acne-prone and oily skin without clogging pores. Ideal for inflamed and blemished skin as it repairs epidermis, restores the skin barrier system and reduces inflammation. It is recommended to use as a base gel before moisturiser, for better protection.


Directions for use:
Apply Epi Gel to the face and allows it to repair skin.


Featured Ingredients:
Hydrolized Soy Peptides , Farnesol , Soja Seed Extract




Epi Gel

SKU: SO112
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